Member Monday: Meet Joy Zou


As a junior Biochemistry and Computer Science double major at Boston College with a concentration in Bioinformatics, Joy is currently developing a deep-learning model that accurately predicts the level of coexistence given an initial pool of microbial species
and chemical mediators. Such a model would not only eliminate the need to perform thousands of experiments or simulations but would also help the scientific community explain the frequently posed question of why species with disparate fitness can stably coexist in a community.
Outside of research, Joy enjoys running occasionally, playing board games with friends, creating conceptual art when she is inspired by experiences in her life, and directing a mentorship program for undergraduate students at Boston College who are eager to primarily pursue a career in the sciences or any other field.
After graduation, she hopes to use the skills she has developed to complete her personal project concerning improving pharmaceutical efficiency in socio-economically disadvantaged neighborhoods such as in the Bronx. She plans on finding a career in tech/humanitarian work to not only give back to her community in New York but to also promote social cohesion of human beings regardless of their differences in class, gender, orientation, ethnicity, religion, and
political inclination.