Member Monday: Meet Marco Zaccaria!


Marco’s current research is about the formalization of general principles to inform the engineering of a microbial bioremediator. At present, he is focusing on two projects aimed at mycotoxin biodegradation: 1) Artificial Selection of Rhodococcus sp.  2) Directed Enzyme Evolution of the enzyme Laccase by Trametes versicolor.

His main interest is Evolutionary Biology, especially in the context of bioremediation oriented Synthetic Ecology. Moreover, he is intrigued by the possibilities of rational Evolutionary Medicine.

Outside of lab Marco enjoys traveling (in very, VERY small groups). He enjoys literature, history, music and art of any age. Art also includes videogames, of course. He also loves cats; and he is reciprocated, with few exceptions.

In the future, he plans to continue doing research, possibly in an academic environment. He would love to spend some time doing his job in Japan.