Publication Policy

This document lists rules for publishing by my group. This is a public document, provided for the information of current and prospective group members, collaborators, and other interested parties. This policy is adopted and modified from (last updated on November 11, 2016) and is subject to change as we all learn and polish our views. If you have any suggestions or comments on this policy, please contact Babak.

The Momeni lab is committed to publishing in open access journals. All members of our group will be made aware of this policy as early as possible, and this policy will be publicly available on the laboratory website. The only exception to this is for invited review articles and book chapters, though where possible we will take steps to support access to these publications as well. The rationale for this policy is the belief that research should be made available to the largest number of people with the least possible barriers. This is intended to extend access to our research to the widest possible number of scientists, but also to the lay public. We believe that this policy is especially important for publicly funded research, in which the tax paying public should be able to have access to the fruits of their support but also extends to donors of charitable foundations and other sources of funding. Science functions best where ideas, data, methodologies, and interpretations are provided in a free and open manner and our group will endeavor to be as open and transparent as possible with respect to publications.

Publications from Our Group

We will publish only in journals in which online access is free and unrestricted. This is commonly known as Gratis Open Access where both access and reuse are unrestricted, except that attribution must be provided. When possible, we will pay such that articles are available under a CC-BY license. These may include journals that publish only open access papers, or journals in which open access is provided on a per article basis. If external funds are obtained to procure open access status of an article, this will be indicated as an acknowledgment in the article. A list of journals which meet this criteria can be found at

Preprint Policy

Where possible, the Momeni lab will deposit articles in preprint servers such as simultaneous to submission to peer reviewed journals. This will involve selecting journals who have permissive preprint policies and informing the editor that the preprint is available at the time of submission. We will post the pre-print on the lab website and advertise its availability to encourage comments from the scientific community. These comments and suggestions will be integrated with responses to the journal-selected peer reviewers. Upon acceptance of a paper, we will direct the preprint site to note the official article location.

Collaborations with Other Groups

For publications in which we are not the primary laboratory performing the research we will recommend publication in open access journals, though we will leave the decision to their discretion.