Member Monday: Meet Sarah Ansari!

SA Photo.JPG

Sarah is currently working on evolving better degraders of mycotoxins using the Rhodoccocus species. She is working with Marco with the ultimate goal of engineering a microbial bioremediator.

She is still exploring the extensive world of biology, but is most interested in biomedical research and has worked at Novartis on their cancer-curing drug, Kymriah in pre-clinical trials. She has also recently become interested in evolutionary biology, and its potential application to medicine. 

Outside of lab, you can find Sarah in the depths of O’Neill library, doing some form of homework, or binging on Brooklyn-99 or Arrested Development elsewhere.

In the future, Sarah would like to join an organization, such as Doctors without Borders, and practice in underdeveloped countries in an effort to eliminate the disparities in healthcare at a global level.