Member Monday: Meet Natalie Sandlin!

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Natalie is a first year graduate student in the Momeni Lab. She is interested in molecular microbiology and utilizing its tools and techniques to understand how microorganisms do specific functions. More specifically, her research interests include host-pathogen interactions and bioremediation.

Her current work in the lab involves a project involving the bioremediation of mycotoxins using bacterial species. The current focus is on artificial selection to evolve Rhodococcus species and understanding the factors contributing to their degradation ability, with the overarching goal being to evolve the strains into better degraders of mycotoxins.

Outside of the lab, she enjoys baking, reading, and playing card and board games. In addition, she also really enjoys traveling; her dream is to visit all the US National parks (16/60 visited so far) and visit Zimbabwe to see elephants in the wild (her favorite animal). The plans for the foreseeable future are to make it through grad school and get her PhD, and hopefully to go into industry and work as a research scientist after.