Microbiology (BIOL4140, Spring semester)

This course provides a foundation in molecular cell biology for biology majors, focusing on bacteria, viruses, immunology and host/microbe relationships. Bacterial structure and function are addressed in terms of physiology, genetics and biochemistry. Gene expression, replication and transmission are examined in a variety of eukaryotic viruses. A review of the innate and adaptive phases of the immune response is presented with an emphasis on pathogen recognition, cellular communication and lymphocyte development. The course concludes with selected topics on pathogenesis, epidemiology, and microbial ecology.

eText (textbook substitute), introducing the material covered in the class: https://mediakron.bc.edu/microbiology/ (requires BC log-in for access) 

Blog posts about microbiology contributed by students: https://microbiologybc.wordpress.com/


Microbial Community Ecology (Spring semester)

Polymicrobial communities can cause harmful infections as pathogens or facilitate food digestion as resident microbiome. They also have industrial applications for waste remediation or biofuel production. We will examine examples of microbial communities with implications in health, environment, or industry. The course surveys relevant ecological theories and covers current tools and methodologies used for characterization and analysis of microbial communities.