Member Monday: Babak Momeni!

Babak Momeni.jpg

In his research, Babak's is interested in explaining how biological complexity arises and is maintained in the context of microbial communities. By understanding the underlying interactions among microbes, can we control microbial community functions? In a search for general principles that guide how communities work, he has interest in microbial communities involved in human health, industrial applications, and the environment. He finds joy in mathematical modeling and tranquility in doing experiments, so whenever he can, he combines the two.

Outside of the lab, Babak plays soccer (mostly indoor, these days) and runs. He enjoys reading fiction (although he collects good books more than he gets to read them!). More recently, playing board games with the lab and friends has also turned into one of his favorite “activities”. 

In parallel to his research, Babak is also interested in science communication and outreach.  He has a continued interest in issues of diversity in science and fairness in science evaluation, and is a member of eLife early-career advisory group.